21 ožu 2013






Funding for EU COMPASS2 project was approved within the third call for proposals of the Hungary – Croatia IPA Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013.

The lead beneficiary of the project is PORA Development Agency of Podravina and Prigorje.

Project partners are: Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion, County Chamber of Commerce Varaždin, REDEA Regional development agency of Međimurje and Vocational Community College “POUKA”.

EU Compass2 is continuation of EU Compass project.

Project activities involved organization of two two-day trainings. The basic training was organized in Hungary, and the advanced training was organized in Croatia. Both trainings were intended for project partners and representatives of support organizations and institutions in Croatia who are responsible for disclosing information about available EU funding. The main objective of basic training was to transfer experience by the Hungarian team about absorption of funds from structure funds and to present successful projects. The main objective of the advanced training was to enhance the capacities of the stakeholders who have already had some experience with EU funding, especially those who have already carried out public procurement according to PRAG guidelines.

Participants who have completed both basic and advanced training, continued to train other stakeholders (municipalities representatives and entrepreneurs).

Project activities also comprised organization of eight trainings on the topic of Project Cycle Management for the representatives of various associations and units of local and regional self-government, and four seminars on the topic how to start your own business.

An additional value to the project was added by a specifically designed training package for highly educated unemployed individuals from the regions near the border. The trainers educated unemployed people on the topics of Project Cycle Management and Absorption of EU funds in order to contribute to better absorption of EU funds in Croatia within a longer period (lifelong learning of adult unemployed individuals). A special virtual call for proposals was designed and used for education of highly educated unemployed individuals and entrepreneurs to learn how to write a project proposal and how to fill in the application form. Project proposals are evaluated and three winning projects in each County will be announced. One of the winners from all three counties project partners have attended a five-day in-house training in a support institution in Hungary which deals with implementation of EU projects. Project also involved organization of a study visit to Croatian support institutions and projects funded by EU funds.

The total value of the project was 135.026,13 EUR. The project itself lasted for 12 months. PORA budget was 24.106,00 EUR.

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