21 stu 2011


PROJECT E-BUSINESS – improvement of business competitiveness by using digital business (e-business) service

Lead beneficiary is the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship and the project is carried out by ECORYS Poland in cooperation with S&T Services Polska.

Project is funded by EU funds within the IPA Programme, component IIIC Regional development-regional competitiveness and by the Croatian government.

PORA Development agency of Podravina and Prigorje has been chosen by several independent experts to be the one out of 10 institutions in the Republic of Croatia to implement the project at the county level. Its role is coordination of the project for Koprivnica Križevci County.

The main objective of the project is to improve the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises through promotion and fostering the use of e-business solutions, which will improve entrepreneurs’ knowledge and skills and make them more competitive in EU market.

Activities comprise two components:

Component 1 – allocated to entrepreneur support organisations

– objective: to improve capacities in 10 allocated entrepreneur support organisations in the Republic of Croatia in E-business and E-commerce by organising workshops and trainings on ICT, digital business and digital commerce.

Component 2 – allocated to small and medium enterprises

– objective: educate small and medium entrepreneurs in Koprivnica Križevci County on e-business and e-commerce services in order to improve their knowledge and enhance their skills.

During the implementation of the project the employees of PORA and other county institutions will be trained to educate small and medium entrepreneurs on e-business and e-commerce. EU funds will be used to equip a video and teleconference hall with 25 computers and other necessary equipment for education of entrepreneurs in PORA. The equipment will cost around 100 000 EUR. The main objective of the education will be to improve the entrepreneurs’ knowledge and skills about using e-business services and adopting EU standards. In the next 4 years PORA and other county institutions involved in the project will organize 20 seminars for small and medium entrepreneurs in Koprivnica Križevci County. The project will last from May 2010 to March 2012.

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