21 stu 2011

PROJECT „Networking for improving system of Lifelong learning“

Umrežavanje za bolji sustav cjeloživotnog učenja




The lead beneficiary: Croatian employment service, branch office Križevci.

Project partners: PORA Development Agency of Podravina and Prigorje, Community College Koprivnica and Association of Trades and Crafts Koprivnica.

Project was approved for co-funding within the 4th component of IPA programme – Human resources development.

The main objective of the project was to increase the employability of long-term unemployed individuals by improving the lifelong learning system in Koprivnica Križevci County through development of employment clusters whose members are the aforementioned institutions as project partners.

Activities involved education of long term unemployed individuals (20 shop assistants and 12 hairdressers who had been unemployed for over a year) to improve their skills, and education on the topic of starting their own business. One of the project activities was organization of a conference on lifelong learning and project implementation.

Project started in January 2011 and it was completed in January 2012.

Total value of the project was 76.082,87 EUR.

Project web site and information about Cluster for development and improvement of lifelong learning system at http://www.net4lll.com.hr


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