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The first call for Proposals within the framework of IPA Hungary-Croatia Cross Border Cooperation Programme was launched on the 26 of March 2009. Five project proposals submitted by PORA Development Agency of Podravina and Prigorje were approved for co-funding and PORA participated in all five projects as project partner and project associate in cooperation with both Hungarian and Croatian partners.

UNIREG IMPULSE PROJECT – Regional Universities as initiators of transnational region of knowledge


Unireg Impulse





The lead beneficiary was Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Centre for regional studies.

Project partners were Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek and Kaposvar University.

Project associates were PORA Development Agency of Podravina and Prigorje and Regional Development agency of Virovitica Podravina County VIDRA.

The project objective was to explore possibilities of cooperation between academic institutions in the cross-border region and to develop joint strategy for the establishment of transnational region of knowledge.

Project activities involved the process of gathering information and analysis of existing development documents in the regions near the border, identification of demands and possibilities, identification of development stakeholders and establishing connection between them. The activities also involved the opening of Knowledge Transfer Office in Osijek.

PORA participated in this project as project associate, which means that they did not participate financially in the implementation of the project but they provided their expert knowledge, already established economic and social partnerships in Koprivnica Križevci County and thus ensured a higher level of quality in the process of implementation of the project.

The project lasted for 16 months.

Total value of the project was 395.000,00 EUR.


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