Community Led Local Development (CLLD) is a mechanism for involving local partners, including representatives of civil society and local economic stakeholders, in the development and implementation of an integrated local strategy that improves their sector in the transition to a more sustainable future.

CLLD is implemented through integrated and multisectoral local development strategies designed to take into account local needs and potentials, including innovative development opportunities in the local context, networking and collaboration.

Local Action Groups are defined as holders of CLLD access (through the implementation of their Local Development Strategies), covered by Regulation (EU) No 1305/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of December 17th, 2013 about support for rural development by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

CLLD will be implemented through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (2014 – 2020) in the Republic of Croatia (3% of the total allocation – 67,5 million EUR).

CLLD principles:

  • development based on local area characteristics;
  • bottom-up approach – to the actual needs of local stakeholders;
  • local Public-Private Partnerships – Implemented through Local Action Groups (LAGs);
  • an innovative approach to local development;
  • an integrated and multisectoral approach;
  • networking;
  • co-operation;
  • de-centralized administration (delivery of projects through LAGs).
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