PORA Regional Development Agency of Koprivnica Križevci County as the owner of the website respects the privacy of its visitors and will never misuse your personal information in any way and places great importance on protecting the personal data of its visitors. The privacy policy implemented by PORA Regional Development Agency of Koprivnica Križevci County dictates the usage of information we collect through our websites. PORA Regional Development Agency of Koprivnica Križevci County will never misuse your personal information in any way, we will never give your contact and personal information to any third party. Your contact and personal information may only be disclosed to a third party with your explicit permission. In accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data, upon your request, you can be given access to the data and corrections to the data can be made if necessary. All our activities are in accordance with European and Croatian legislation.

We collect your personal information only when there is need for it, either for the fulfillment of legal or legitimate interests, or through the will where you willingly provide us with such information.

Personal information is information that can identify you, such as your name or surname, telephone number or email address (hereinafter: personal information).

Browsing our website is anonymous and no personal information is collected on this occasion. However, PORA Regional Development Agency of Koprivnica Križevci County automatically collects information about your computer. This information may include your IP address, browser type, country, the platform you are using and time of access. This information is used by PORA Regional Development Agency of Koprivnica Križevci County for the purpose of collecting statistical data, analyzing visitors and improving the user experience.

PORA Regional Development Agency of Koprivnica Križevci County may, in special cases, collect personal information when we need it for e-applications for public calls or tenders. On these occasions, the purpose of collecting personal information is specified and information collected in such a way cannot be used for any other purposes. This information may include your name and surname, personal identification number, address, telephone number, email address, employment information and similar information.

PORA Regional Development Agency of Koprivnica-Križevci County makes a commitment not to make your personal data accessible to third parties in any way, and will delete your personal data after the purpose of the data collection is fulfilled. It is your right to choose whether or not you will give us your information in such special cases. By entering the required information in the provided fields, you confirm that you have given your consent and your personal information voluntarily and that you allow it to be used for the specified purpose for which the information was collected.

At any moment you have the right of access, the right to correct, amend or delete your provided personal information.

You may at any moment give up your consent to process your personal information and request that it should not be processed. We will keep your personal information only for as long as necessary to fulfill the specified purpose of the data collection.

Persons under the age of 18 should not provide any personal information on the website without parental or guardian permission. We will never purposefully collect personal information from minors or in any way use or disclose such information to a third party without express permission.

If you wish to know if we own and process your personal information or if you would like to access such personal information, please contact us via e-mail: [email protected] You may request information about the purpose of the data processing, the categories of personal data, who else outside our organization received your personal information from us, what the source of the personal information is (if you did not provide it to us yourself) and how long we will retain such information. You have the right to amend the personal information we hold if it is incorrect. With certain exceptions, you may request that we delete them or stop processing them, or you may request that we stop using your personal information. If you apply a request to exercise your rights related to the collection and processing of your personal information, we will comply with that request free of charge. If we cannot comply with your request within a reasonable timeframe, we will notify you of the date when your request can be fulfilled. If for some reason we are unable to fulfill your request, we will send you an explanation as to why we cannot comply with your request.

In the event of a personal data breach, we will notify you and the supervisory authority via e-mail within 72 hours with information about the extent of the breach, the potential impact on our services and our planned data security measures to limit any negative effects to individuals affected by the data breach.

We will not send you a notice if there were technical and organizational safeguards (such as encryption) that have been applied to personal data affected by a breach of personal data that make the information incomprehensible to any person who is not authorized to access it or if we have taken subsequent measures to ensure that there is no longer any risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals.

Breach of personal information means a breach in security that results in the unintentional or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access to personal information that is transmitted, stored and processed in compliance with our services.

You may at any time submit a complaint to the supervisory authority regarding our collection and processing of your personal information. In the Republic of Croatia, you can file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Agency (, Zagreb, Martićeva 14.

PORA Regional Development Agency of Koprivnica Križevci County is making great efforts to ensure the security of personal data and to protect it from loss, destruction, forgery and unauthorized access to data, as well as unauthorized release of data.

In the event of changes to our Privacy Policy, we will notify you on this webpage and update the date of the privacy policy change.

By clicking “Yes, I agree” and using this website you consent to this privacy policy.


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