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Project „I want to be a skilled craftsman“ has been approved for funding within the Open call “Local Employment Initiatives – Phase III” and was financed from the European Social Fund.

The Lead partner is the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Koprivnica-Križevci County.

Project partners are PORA Regional Development Agency of Koprivnica Križevci County, Vocational training college POUKA, Secondary school Ivan Seljanec Križevci and Vocational school Đurđevac.

Duration of the project was 18 months, from May 14th 2018 to November 13th 2019.

Total value of the project was 696.846,75kn.

EU co-funding is 100%.

The overall project objective was to increase the employment of unemployed people and students in the labour market of the Koprivnica Križevci County.

The specific objective is to improve the efficiency of the implementation of the Human Resources Development Strategy of the Koprivnica Križevci County by increasing the motivation of unemployed people and students to enrol in educational programs for scarce craft occupations and increasing the interest in lifelong learning.

Project activities included motivational workshops for unemployed people, presentations of scarce craft occupations at the Crafts and Business Fair in Križevci and Open Doors Days at 3 vocational schools, presentations for students in 23 elementary schools in the Koprivnica Križevci County, visits of elementary school students and unemployed persons to craft workshops and workshops on lifelong learning for students of vocational education schools.

Expected results after the project implementation: 3 motivational workshops on the possibilities of retraining or retraining for scarce occupations, presentations on Open Doors Days at 3 vocational schools, presentation of schools at the Crafts and Business Fair, presentations on particular deficit professions and schools on DVD, workshops for students of secondary crafts professions on the possibilities of continuing education, involvement in lifelong learning and opportunities for self-employment, efficient implementation of the Human Resources Development Strategy, better awareness of the population about job opportunities needed in the current labour market, strengthening the co-operation between partners, raising awareness of the importance of education and lifelong learning by reducing the risk of long-term unemployment and school dropouts.

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